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珠海書院 (珠海書院校園報)
關於香港的紙紮文化及趨勢- 日期: 2010年

以下是一位珠海學院新聞及傳播學系三年級學生所撰寫的新聞稿Feature Story
The new trend of paper craft  
Burning offerings are a way for descendants to pay respect to ancestors. But, traditional paper craft tends to be a sunset industry as fewer teenagers inherit it. In order to conserve this tradition, a new style paper craft industry tries to dig out a new way with exquisite handiwork and modern elements.

Amanda, the founder of Soul House (Paper craft) Design Studio, observed that the trend of a new style paper craft has become popular in Hong Kong. “These paper crafts stress every fine details made by nimble fingers.”

Founder of Soul House Design Studio
Making a house needs to spend over a week and the cost varies from hundreds to ten thousands, Amanda says.

The shop has offered over 30 types of paper crafts. You can find luxury houses with finest furniture, suits with 3D cutting, electronic equipment, pet’s accessories, and even nail clippers.“

I would rather say the paper craft we make is a piece of artwork.” All paper crafts are said to be environmentally friendly, emitting less smell.

“We insist that all the paper crafts are designed by ourselves and made in Hong Kong,” she said, “most importantly, we have a better
understanding about what requirement local people are seeking for.”

Miss Lau, 21, a year two student, said, “The shop provides custom-made service and the paper crafts are stylish and artistic. These paper crafts are more easily accepted by teenagers.” Even though the cost was higher, she thought that it was worthwhile.

But, it seems that the elderly do not accept the new paper craft. “Paper craft is just for burning. The new style (paper craft) is too expensive for us. It’s a waste of money,” Mrs. Wong, a 75-year-old woman said.

“The new-style paper craft does pose a threat to us,” a traditional paper craft inheritor, Mr Au Yeung said, “so, we also provide custom-made paper craft and the price is only among hundreds to thousands.

“I believe that old paper crafts are still demanded by those who do not emphasize on the apperance, but expressing their respect to ancestor.”
Mr Au Yeung
Mr Au Yeung, 28, has been making traditional paper craft for 10 years. He thinks he will insist this career in the future.